Who the Cake Dahls are

We are a diverse group, from all over Ireland.  A mixture of those who bake and make cakes for fun and those who have made it their profession.  All of us have one thing in common, we love to create.

We are:


Niamh Geraghty - The BFG

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Bernie Lynam - Oompa Loompas

George Tyrrell and Jenniffer Craven, - Bucket House

Karen Keaney - Charlie Bucket

Karen Leonard - The Chocolate Room

Laura Quinn - Veruca Salt

Maria O'Connor - Augustus Gloop

Marian McCormack - Violet

Nicola Grant - Charlie's Grandparents

Paul Redmond - Mr. Willy Wonka

Danny, Champion of the World

Barbara Franzoni - Danny

Corinna Maquire - Mrs. Clipstone

Dawn Tolan - Danny's caravan

Dirty Beasts

Kathy Ryan - The Cow

Sharon Fitzgerald - The Pig

The Enormous Crocodile

Breda O'Brien - The Crocodile

Ellen Redmond - Muggle Wump

Tanya Ross - Trunky

Esio Trot 

Jean O'Meara Dolan - Tortoise

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Karen Berry - Boggis, Bunce and Bean

Paddy Mullins - Mr. Badger

Philip Mullen - The Burrow

Sarah Durcan - Fantastic Mr. Fox

George's Marvellous Medicine

Amy Cronin - George

Karen Smith Jepson - The enormous chicken

The Glass Elevator 

Marisa Tamburrini - Charlie, Mr. Wonka and the Glass Elevator


Aoibheann O'Toole - Fifinella

Charlotte Gillane - Gremlins

Louise Jordan - Gremlin

James and the Giant Peach

Geraldine Arnold - Aunt Sponge

Grainne MacClancy - James and his giant peach

Janette Deacon - Ladybird


Anne Geraghty - Matilda

Darina Kelly - Bruce Bogtrotter

Domy Dominika Dobek - Miss Honey

Karen Geraghty - Ms. Trunchbull

Susan Moore - Mr. Wormwood

The Minpins

Denise Cotter - Minpins

Revolting Rhymes 

Michelle - Cinderella

Jenny Dowd - Goldilocks

Bronagh Mullen - Jack and the beanstalk

Lynn Smith - Red Riding Hood

Rhyme Stew

Gail Porter - The Price of Debauchery

The Twits

Aileen Ironside - Mr and Mrs. Twit

Aisha Ali - Mr. Twit

Eleanor Smyth - Mrs. Twit

Hannah McMahon - Roly Poly Bird

The Vicar of Nibbleswick

Carol McHugh - The Vicar

The Witches
Agatha Rogowska - Grand High Witch

Gillian Timms - Grandmother

Jenny Canning - Nice Witch

Laura Tiernan - Mouse in gravy boat

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