Thursday, 11 September 2014

The B.F.G. - Niamh Geraghty

The B.F.G.

I chose this character because of his ears.  My dad had huge ears and, gulp, I fear I do too.  As such, I feel it my duty to promote big ears whenever possible.  Plus, I love the giant's grasp of language.  He is such a gorgeous character, rough, gruff and with a definite twinkle in his eye, just like my dad.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Bernie Lynam

Oompa Loompas 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - George Tyrrell and Jennifer Craven

The Bucket House

Why we were shoved in to doing the Bucket House:
'We have both grown up the same magic for Charlie and the Chocolate factory so it was a no brainer that we chose a piece from that book. We loved the image that Dahl paints of the cramped space in the house and Quentin Blakes' delapidated illustration, and we aimed to bring that to life through this piece'

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Karen Keaney


I chose Charlie as he is one of my favourite Roald Dahl characters from one of my all time favourite books. My Charlie's is inspired by Charlie from the original movie. My personal style is quite dark so I tried to incorporate it into the design to put my own stamp on it. He is my biggest cake to date at 42" tall and I really enjoyed this challenge.

Karen Keaney Roses and Bows Cakery

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Karen Leonard

The Chocolate Room

I chose the chocolate room because when i think of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my first image is always of the great big metal door opening and the children looking down for the first time on an edible valley with a chocolate river cutting through it and Mr. Wonka explaining how his is the only factory were chocolate is churned by the power of a real chocolate waterfall.  A perfect image for an edible cake :)

Karen Leonard - Once Upon A Cupcake

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Laura Quinn

Veruca Salt 

Veruca Salt Wasn't my first choice, but you gotta do what what you gotta do..... Couldn't warm to her at all. Then I discovered a copy of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' on a forgotten shelf in our house. The Illustrations are by Michael Forman and I quite liked what he did with 'Veruca'. 

I always preferred the squirrel and the nuts version of the story, so I decided to stick to that. I hope the pictures tell the accurate story of how I approached it.... 

Laura Quinn - Cake That!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Maria O'Connor

Augustus Gloop 

Augustus Gloop, an enormous boy who has fat bulging from every fold, with his greedy eyes peering out of a doughball of a body. It was just screaming at me to make as a cake. I couldn't wait to start shaping all those fat folds out of modelling chocolate.
I have such a soft spot for Augustus as I would be every bit as greedy as him when it comes to chocolate, what I wouldn't give to stick my head in that chocolate river.....lucky boy!

Maria O'ConnorSugar Studio 49

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Marian McCormack

Violet Beauregarde

I picked Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I used to worry that she would explode and make a horrible mess. I had fun recreating her in edible form as she reminded me of how I feel when I have over-indulged in cake cut-offs and ganache scraped from 'almost empty' bowls! Violet is also one of my favourite colours.

Marian McCormack - Wowcakes by Marian

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Nicola Grant

Grandpa Joe and family

I love making models with character, in this case the grandparents from 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. There was always something about Grandpa Joe, you can't help but to imagine him with a twinkle in his eye.

Nicola Grant - Impact Cakes

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Paul Redmond

Mr. Willy Wonka

"There's lots of great Roald Dahl characters to chose from but what cake decorator, and chocolate lover, could resist the chance to make Mr Wonka! He's based on my childhood memory of the first film, a nice, but decidedly strange man. There's enough cake to feed 200 people, over 25kg of icing and his features are moulded from chocolate. Of course"

Danny, Champion of the World - Barbara Franzoni


Danny at his father's Garage (from Danny the Champion of The World)

The very first proper book I ever owned was Danny The Champion of The World, given to me by my mother at Christmas - I may have been 8 or thereabouts.  Anyhow, it was the first Roald Dahl book I ever read and I loved it, really loved it.  I must have read it at least a dozen times and it opened up for me the wonderful world of book reading for pleasure.  The love of reading is a wonderful thing, it will stay with you as you get older, keeping your mind young and your imagination open as every new book brings a deeply emotional bond with a new set of friends, a new set of experiences and a new adventure to be a part of - and I know that Roald Dahl and Danny played a massive part in triggering my lifelong love of book reading.

Danny, Champion of the World - Corina Maguire

Mrs. Clipstone 

I chose Mrs. Clipstone, not only, because I arrived late to the group and most of the more popular characters were already claimed but also because she's the main character of the most unforgettable scene from that book.  After attempting to smuggle Danny and his Dad's poached pheasants through the town beneath her baby in an oversized buggy.  She unfortunately scared the life out of him when the birds all began waking up and flying out!!  Needless to say I've grown to love her character and was so happy to attempt to recreate Dahl's hysterical moment in Danny the Champion of the World. 

 Corinna Maguire - Lovin' from the oven

Danny, Champion of the World - Dawn Tolan

Danny's home, The Caravan

Danny The Champion of the  World is one of my all time favourite Roald Dahl stories. I used to read it to my youngest brother when he was little. I always fancied living in a caravan

Dawn Tolan 

Dirty Beasts - Kathy Ryan

The Cow

My piece 'The Cow' comes from a book published in 1983.  Called Dirty Beasts the book is a collection of rhymes written  by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake

The story of this particular rhyme is that a beloved cow called Daisy sprouts wings and flies.  People are amazed and come from all over to see the sight of a flying cow but one particularly nasty man insults and laughs at her and as payback Daisy drops a cowpat in his head 

I choose  'The Cow' to recreate in Sugar as it's a funny, busy poem and features both animals, people and a backround of fields. 
Because Roald Dahl is best known for his characters who have featured in the many movies made over the years, I think it's nice to bring his funny, clever rhymes to everybody's attention 

Kathy Ryan -Kids Cakes by Kathy

Dirty Beasts, The Pig - Sharon Fitzgerald

The Pig
When I was asked to take part in this collaboration, what I was most excited about was the subject.  Who doesn't love the outrageous and brilliantly written works of Roald Dahl?  I remember spending many hours reading about The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Willy Wonka, The Witches and all the other amazing characters, but when it came to choosing for my piece I wanted to create something a little less well known.  The book of poems "Dirty Beasts" is quiet simply hilarious.  It puts animals in the role of the underdog that gets one up on humans and I can tell you that just appeals to me.  So, I chose to create The Pig.  It was most definitely the fact that he is super intelligent and does something quite gory that I love, but what made my decision was the fact that his book reading and brains finally lead him to see what his unfortunate outcome in life will be, and so he makes sure that never happens.  He eats the Farmer before he can eat him.  One of Roald Dahl's underdogs triumphs again

Sharon FitzgeraldBitchin' Bakes

The Enormous Crocodile - Breda O'Brien


I chose the crocodile as he was called 'the ENORMOUS crocodile' and I wanted to make him tiny!  

Breda O'Brien - The Ribbon Shack 

The Enormous Crocodile - Ellen Redmond


I chose the Muggle Wump because he is part of a few of Roald Dahl's stories.  I was delighted when I found my inspirational illustration and could picture him with the Enormous Crocodile in the background (I loooooooove Crocodiles).

Ellen Redmond - Splendor-Cakes and more

The Enormous Crocodile - Tanya Ross


I was both honoured and delighted to be invited to join this collaboration as Roald Dahl was a huge part of my childhood. My Mum introduced me to his books and many a happy afternoon was spent immersed in  his stories and Quentin Blake's illustrations. Thanks to being part of this exciting project, I got to rediscover this pleasure and try to put it into cake. I got Trunky, the elephant from the story, The Enormous Crocodile", and I was delighted to get him, I love elephants, I love Roald Dahl and I love making cakes!! The biggest challenge was trying to do it in the style of Quentin Blake's amazing drawings, it's not often we cakers get to make shakey lines and less than smooth finishes. It was a privilege and a pleasure and I hope our cakes make your children want to explore the world of Roald Dahl, and make the grown ups want to re-read these amazing books.......and eat cake!

Tanya RossNovel-T Cakes

Esio Trot - Jean Dolan

Esio Trot

I chose Esio because I loved the story of the tortoises being swapped by Mr Hoppy in the hope he could get closer to Mrs Silver 
His fear of approaching Mrs Silver turned around & a mission acomplished by writing a few words backwards as a daily chant into Alfies ear,various sized tortoises & a grabber to reach a balcony. Then all the various tortoises are given away by Mr Hoppy, Alfie goes to a little girl called Roberta Squibb, and he lives happily in his garden. When Alfie reached 30 he finally doubled in size.

Creating Esio brought the book back to life for me & those days were awash with childhood memories.Memories now passed down to two generations since I read my Roald Dahl books!
I have been caking for many years & live the dream while creating.I am blessed to have been part of so many people's special days.

Jean O'Meara Dolan - Let's Eat Cake

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Karen Berry

Boggis Bunce and Bean

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Patrick Mullins

Mr. Badger

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Philip Mullen

The Burrow

I  was delighted to get the opportunity to make a piece based on the wonderful Fantastic Mr Fox. It was one of my favourite Roald Dahl books as a child and I fell in love with it all over again after reading it for inspiration before starting my piece.

In recreating the Fox Family den, I took my main inspiration from one of the many different book covers and the start of chapter two:

"On a hill above the valley there was a wood. In the wood there was a huge tree. Under the tree there was a hole. In the hole lived Mr Fox and Mrs Fox and their four Small Foxes."

The chance to make something so different and detailed from sugar and chocolate made the whole experience so much more fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Philip Mullen - Kickshaw Cakes

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Sarah Durcan

Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Ok, I picked him, because the only Roald Dahl book on my bookshelves at the moment is Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I though it was serendipitous. It was a new challenge for me to work with sculpting figures and work with modeling chocolate. He was  a great character to work on, all wily, wiry and quick as a ... 

Sarah Durcan - Ice Angel Cakes

George's Marvellous Medicine - Amy Millar


 I chose George from George's Marvelous Medicine for my piece. It was my favourite Roald Dahl book when I was younger and I still read it to my kids now. I originally chose a different picture of George but decided I'd prefer the bathroom scene as it had more detail and it was where his marvelous concoction  began. I made all the bathroom furniture from pastillage and kept the whole scene in pale colours, apart from George and all the lotions and potions. I outlined everything in black to make it more cartoony and try and reflect Quentin Blake's style as much as possible. I got great enjoyment out of making this piece and am so thrilled to be a part of this fab project!

Amy Millar, Cake-a-licious

George's Marvellous Medicine - Karen Smith Jepson

The Enormous Chicken

Karen Smith Jepson - Sweet Jepsons

The Glass Elevator - Marisa Tamburrini

The Glass Elevator 

I chose this piece because James and the giant peach was taken....kidding! 

I wanted to work with isomalt and create glass from sugar. The story also appealed to me because I remember being facinated as a child by an elevator made from glass that didn't disintegrate as it went into orbit. 

It also gave me the opportunity to include two of the best known characters into my piece.

Marisa Tamburrini 

Gremlins - Aoibheann O'Toole


I chose The Gremlins as I feel it is Dahls forgotten book. It was written in 1941 when Dahl was a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.  It tells the story of what it takes to be an Airman and the importance of having a friend - a wingman

Aoibheann O'Toole - The Little Cake Co.

Gremlins - Charlotte Gillane


I chose a scene from  "The Gremlins ". It was written in 1943 while Dahl was in the Royal Air Force.  It was Dahl's first children's book, and was written for Walt Disney Productions, as a promotional device for a feature-length animated film that was never made. The artwork was created by the in house Disney team and this is what drew me to my piece . There’s a charm to the illustrations that isn’t often replicated in today’s book world and lots of the illustrations have both a vintage and retro style.  I felt that this is similar to the style I like to replicate in my own piece and therefore looked forward to the challenge. 

The Gremlins were little creatures who were blamed for the problems pilots had when they crashed or other emergencies. The story centres on a pilot, Gus, who encounters the Gremlins after they begin sabotaging his plane due to their forest being flattened for people’s homes and factories. He has to find a way to make them work with him and the air force instead of being troublemakers.

Charlotte Gillane -  Lotties Cakes & Slices

Gremlins - Louise Jordan


Why did l pick this piece? This will sound really shallow, l picked it because l thought they were the cutest little things and l love to make cute things. Disgraceful l know but l wasn't into Roald Dahl like some of the others in the group, l was a huge Enid Blyton fan growing up, "we are the famous five" and all that. Sorry 

Louise Jordan - Lou-licious Cakes

James and the Giant Peach - Geraldine Arnold

Aunt Sponge

I always loved Roald Dahl and James and the Giant Peach was one of my favourites.  Fat Aunt Sponge really appealed to me as a different and not-very-pretty type of model to make.  I enjoyed the challenge!

Geraldine Arnold - Cake My Day

James and the giant peach - Grainne MacClancy

James and his Peach

I chose James and the Giant Peach because of my son, Conor's love for Roald Dahl books as a child and especially his love of this one. As it is also Conor's birthday on the 13th September, I asked him to contribute the drawing of James, which I then transferred to an edible image.

Grainne MacClancy - A Cake for you - made by you

James and the Giant Peach - Janette Deacon

Mrs. Ladybird 

My most important source of inspiration for this cake was my 5 year old Andrew . After reading the book together , he knew what should be on the cake as the most important parts of story ... So most importantly the family on the cake with the most important scenes pictured on the bottom tier , like the birds carrying the peach , the threat of the shark infested water and where it all started with horrid Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker .The main piece on the front of the cake captures the theme of my piece ...the ladybird as basically the quintessential 'Irish Mammy' taking care of our 'James' !!

The quote is taken from the book . There are drawings of all of the 'peach family ' circling the top tier of the cake .

The ladybird then of course had to take centre stage on top of the cake . Remembering to have 9 spots on the ladybirds shell . Very important ... Who knew that there was a class system with ladybirds? The lady herself mentions it in the book 'to be a nine spotted ladybird is a fine thing indeed' .Oh and did I mention she spins ?!! just ever so gently like a proper lady so when you look at the piece she will show off her beautiful nine spots to you all !!

Janette Deacon

Matilda - Anne Geraghty


Why did I pick Matilida.. Because it was my beautiful daughers 
favourite book when she was smaller and still is.. And when you read the book you just fall in love with Matilda and her innocence.
Anne Geraghty - Cakes Glorious Cakes

Matilda - Darina Kelly

Bruce Bogtrotter

Yes certainly. I chose Bruce Bogtrotter as Matilda is one of my all time favourite stories from my childhood. Bruce sitting at the table demolishing a whole chocolate cake is one of my favourite parts of the book. It's every child's dream!

Darina Kelly

Matilda - Domy Dominika Dobek

Miss Honey

I picked Miss honey as I love making female figurines and Matilda
is one of my favorites from all  Roald Dahl books. Loved also Miss. Honey as she is  a really nice and sensitive teacher. 

Domy Dominika Dobek  - Sweet Revolutions by Domy

Matilda - Karen Geraghty

The Trunchbull

I was instantly drawn to Miss Trunchbull and was lucky enough to be given her to recreate in edible format.  I don’t often get the opportunity to make grotesque villainous characters and I relish and seize the chance when it comes around.  I chose to re-create the scene where Miss Trunchbull uses a girl’s hair to hurl her through the air like a hammer throw.  It depicts her bullish nature, her vileness and her infliction of outrageous punishments on Crunchem Hall's pupils.  I love the fact that Miss Trunchbull is a uniquely detestable character in Roald Dahl’s novels and a villain that readers of all ages can hate. 

Karen Geraghty - Bake Cake Create

Matilda - Susan Moore

Mr. Wormwood

Roald Dahl is without a doubt my favourite childhood author, my Dad read all his books to us in a way only he could!  When the opportunity arose to be involved in the Cake Dahls I was so excited & honoured to be asked!  I loved all of Roald Dahls books but in particular Matilda.  As a child my Uncle Brian gave me Matilda for my birthday one year and I have treasured it to this day especially as he is no longer with us.  I hope I have done justice to Quentin Blake's original interpretation of Mr Wormwood,  I really enjoyed making him!

Susan Moore 

Minpins - Denise Cotter

The Minpins

When I was looking through the options it was the picture that first caught my eye . To be honest , I had never heard of The Minpins but after a quick bit of research I was smitten , and who could not love a book ends with the words 

'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it'

Denise Cotter 

Cinderella - Michelle Keely

Ugly Sister

The reason I chose this particular piece to work with is because as a child, like many others, Roald Dahl was my favourite author. However, as my parents always bought my books for me they somehow managed to keep the Revolting Rhymes books from me, they obviously didn't want to blemish my childlike imagination of all his stories. I never actually even heard of the Revolting Rhymes until this year, so they did a really good job of protecting my innocence. I love this piece because it really captures how UGLY this particular sister is and gives a whole new meaning to the "happily ever after" that I would be used to in a book for children.

Michelle Keely - Shel's Gift Cakes

Goldilocks, Revolting Rhymes - Jenny Dowd


I chose Goldilock, as I was familiar with most of the books, but not Roald Dahls' poems. So I watched them online and loved the real story of Goldilocks. She was in fact a brat, who broke in to the house of the three bears, ate their food, broke an antique chair and messed up their beds. Loved his portrayal of her as a delinquent child.

Jenny Dowd - Lily Belles Cakes

Jaclk and the Beanstalk - Bronagh Mullen


Why did I pick this? I always liked Revolting Rhymes as a child and when I read back through the book I remembered how much I loved Roald Dahl's grisly version of the story in which Jack's mother gets eaten by the giant! I felt her demise deserved to be represented in my piece.

Bronagh Mullen - Cakes by Bronagh

Red Riding Hood - Lynn Smith


I was not familiar with the Revolting Rhymes  but as soon as I saw the inspirational images I knew I had to pick Red Riding Hood. I could see exactly what I wanted to do and couldn't wait to get started.

Lynn Smith 

The Price of Debauchery - Gail Porter

The Price of debauchery 

I loved Roald Dahl's books as a kid!  He had so many wonderful stories and I wanted to choose a piece that may not be very well known and that would raise a smile.  This poem fit the bill, for me, perfectly as it made me smile every time I read it.  I created a cookie 'canvas' and hand piped all the details with royal icing.  I chose yellow for the cookie 'frame' as it was Dahl's favourite colour.

Gail Porter - Lizzie Mays

The Twits - Aileen Ironside

The Twits

I choose the Twit's because I am a practical joker myself and can relate to this story in many way's. Plus the fact that I'm prettier than Mrs Twit and will look great in the photo's beside my work!

Aileen Ironside - Simply Cake's Ireland.

The Twits - Aisha

Mr. Twit

The Twits is my favourite from Dahl's books. I chose Mr. Twit in particular because I've always liked men with beards and got married to one with a beard too and when he is obnoxious, he looks like Mr. Twit to me. ;) (sans the food in the beard)

Aisha Ali.

The Twits - Eleanor Smyth

Mrs. Twit

Let me introduce you to the disgusting dirty Mrs Twit, hope you like her? She stands on top of a giant bird pie, Mr Twits favourite dinner on Wednesdays,

The Twits is one of my favourite  Roald Dahl stories, love them because they are revoltingly smelly, they fight and play horrible tricks on each other, Mrs Twit carries a stick so she can hit things with it, like dogs cats and small children..

The Twits - Hannah McMahon

The Roly Poly Bird

I chose my character as I love to make cartoon style fun cakes and the Roly Poly Bird was perfect for this. I also have distinct and vivid memories of reading the Twits and making paper Roly Poly Birds as a child in school.

Hannah McMahon