Thursday, 11 September 2014

Esio Trot - Jean Dolan

Esio Trot

I chose Esio because I loved the story of the tortoises being swapped by Mr Hoppy in the hope he could get closer to Mrs Silver 
His fear of approaching Mrs Silver turned around & a mission acomplished by writing a few words backwards as a daily chant into Alfies ear,various sized tortoises & a grabber to reach a balcony. Then all the various tortoises are given away by Mr Hoppy, Alfie goes to a little girl called Roberta Squibb, and he lives happily in his garden. When Alfie reached 30 he finally doubled in size.

Creating Esio brought the book back to life for me & those days were awash with childhood memories.Memories now passed down to two generations since I read my Roald Dahl books!
I have been caking for many years & live the dream while creating.I am blessed to have been part of so many people's special days.

Jean O'Meara Dolan - Let's Eat Cake

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