Thursday, 11 September 2014

James and the Giant Peach - Janette Deacon

Mrs. Ladybird 

My most important source of inspiration for this cake was my 5 year old Andrew . After reading the book together , he knew what should be on the cake as the most important parts of story ... So most importantly the family on the cake with the most important scenes pictured on the bottom tier , like the birds carrying the peach , the threat of the shark infested water and where it all started with horrid Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker .The main piece on the front of the cake captures the theme of my piece ...the ladybird as basically the quintessential 'Irish Mammy' taking care of our 'James' !!

The quote is taken from the book . There are drawings of all of the 'peach family ' circling the top tier of the cake .

The ladybird then of course had to take centre stage on top of the cake . Remembering to have 9 spots on the ladybirds shell . Very important ... Who knew that there was a class system with ladybirds? The lady herself mentions it in the book 'to be a nine spotted ladybird is a fine thing indeed' .Oh and did I mention she spins ?!! just ever so gently like a proper lady so when you look at the piece she will show off her beautiful nine spots to you all !!

Janette Deacon

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