Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dirty Beasts, The Pig - Sharon Fitzgerald

The Pig
When I was asked to take part in this collaboration, what I was most excited about was the subject.  Who doesn't love the outrageous and brilliantly written works of Roald Dahl?  I remember spending many hours reading about The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Willy Wonka, The Witches and all the other amazing characters, but when it came to choosing for my piece I wanted to create something a little less well known.  The book of poems "Dirty Beasts" is quiet simply hilarious.  It puts animals in the role of the underdog that gets one up on humans and I can tell you that just appeals to me.  So, I chose to create The Pig.  It was most definitely the fact that he is super intelligent and does something quite gory that I love, but what made my decision was the fact that his book reading and brains finally lead him to see what his unfortunate outcome in life will be, and so he makes sure that never happens.  He eats the Farmer before he can eat him.  One of Roald Dahl's underdogs triumphs again

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