Thursday 11 September 2014

The B.F.G. - Niamh Geraghty

The B.F.G.

I chose this character because of his ears.  My dad had huge ears and, gulp, I fear I do too.  As such, I feel it my duty to promote big ears whenever possible.  Plus, I love the giant's grasp of language.  He is such a gorgeous character, rough, gruff and with a definite twinkle in his eye, just like my dad.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Bernie Lynam

Oompa Loompas 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - George Tyrrell and Jennifer Craven

The Bucket House

Why we were shoved in to doing the Bucket House:
'We have both grown up the same magic for Charlie and the Chocolate factory so it was a no brainer that we chose a piece from that book. We loved the image that Dahl paints of the cramped space in the house and Quentin Blakes' delapidated illustration, and we aimed to bring that to life through this piece'

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Karen Keaney


I chose Charlie as he is one of my favourite Roald Dahl characters from one of my all time favourite books. My Charlie's is inspired by Charlie from the original movie. My personal style is quite dark so I tried to incorporate it into the design to put my own stamp on it. He is my biggest cake to date at 42" tall and I really enjoyed this challenge.

Karen Keaney Roses and Bows Cakery

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Karen Leonard

The Chocolate Room

I chose the chocolate room because when i think of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, my first image is always of the great big metal door opening and the children looking down for the first time on an edible valley with a chocolate river cutting through it and Mr. Wonka explaining how his is the only factory were chocolate is churned by the power of a real chocolate waterfall.  A perfect image for an edible cake :)

Karen Leonard - Once Upon A Cupcake

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Laura Quinn

Veruca Salt 

Veruca Salt Wasn't my first choice, but you gotta do what what you gotta do..... Couldn't warm to her at all. Then I discovered a copy of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' on a forgotten shelf in our house. The Illustrations are by Michael Forman and I quite liked what he did with 'Veruca'. 

I always preferred the squirrel and the nuts version of the story, so I decided to stick to that. I hope the pictures tell the accurate story of how I approached it.... 

Laura Quinn - Cake That!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Maria O'Connor

Augustus Gloop 

Augustus Gloop, an enormous boy who has fat bulging from every fold, with his greedy eyes peering out of a doughball of a body. It was just screaming at me to make as a cake. I couldn't wait to start shaping all those fat folds out of modelling chocolate.
I have such a soft spot for Augustus as I would be every bit as greedy as him when it comes to chocolate, what I wouldn't give to stick my head in that chocolate river.....lucky boy!

Maria O'ConnorSugar Studio 49

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Marian McCormack

Violet Beauregarde

I picked Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I used to worry that she would explode and make a horrible mess. I had fun recreating her in edible form as she reminded me of how I feel when I have over-indulged in cake cut-offs and ganache scraped from 'almost empty' bowls! Violet is also one of my favourite colours.

Marian McCormack - Wowcakes by Marian

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Nicola Grant

Grandpa Joe and family

I love making models with character, in this case the grandparents from 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'. There was always something about Grandpa Joe, you can't help but to imagine him with a twinkle in his eye.

Nicola Grant - Impact Cakes

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Paul Redmond

Mr. Willy Wonka

"There's lots of great Roald Dahl characters to chose from but what cake decorator, and chocolate lover, could resist the chance to make Mr Wonka! He's based on my childhood memory of the first film, a nice, but decidedly strange man. There's enough cake to feed 200 people, over 25kg of icing and his features are moulded from chocolate. Of course"